Anonymous said: What is some of the foreshadowing for the Deathly Hallows? Jo does a lot of foreshadowing and I'm curious to see what hints and clues she left about the three hallows in previous books.

This is a good question! I can’t think of much foreshadowing for the individual Hallows, but here’s what I can recall, and, curiously, it all leads back to Dumbledore, which I suppose makes sense, all things considered: I do think that it’s always been sort of hinted, in a very subtle and easy-to-miss and kind of glossed-over way, that there was something more to the Invisibility Cloak than meets the eye (ha). The fact that Dumbledore had to be the one to give it to Harry because it was “in [his] possession” at the time of James’ death was always pretty odd, especially coupled with the knowledge that Dumbledore doesn’t need an Invisibility Cloak to become invisible, so I feel like that was always leading up to something else, which in this case was Dumbledore studying the Invisibility Cloak to determine if it was, indeed, a Hallow, something that had once been his obsession. That also leads to the Resurrection Stone, which we know was in the ring that Voldemort made into a Horcrux. Although certainly never brought up until the sixth book, I always found it perplexing that Dumbledore put on the ring when he found it and I think Harry wondered about that as well. Dumbledore knew the ring was a Horcrux and still, he placed a ring containing a portion of Voldemort’s soul on his finger. It never made any sense to me until we discover that the stone in the ring was the Resurrection Stone, and obviously, even if Dumbledore hadn’t had a youthful obsession with the Deathly Hallows, there are many people in his life that he would want to see returned to the land of the living. The yearning to see his mother and sister again was so strong that he, more or less, forgot himself. I don’t think there was any foreshadowing for the Elder Wand, though. At least, none that I can remember off the top of my head.